Having the Right Attitude!

The critical things about time management are the desire to change and the dedication to implementation of time management practices. I think we all have times when we have a desire to change but after a week or so everything is forgotten or put in the too hard basket.
The number one thing that is required to make time management changes stick is a desire to do so. If you don’t want to change then obviously nothing is going to happen. But if you take the effort to do things differently then different things will happen.
Andrew Carnegie was an American industrialist who was born in Scotland in 1835. From very modest beginnings he went on to become one of the world’s wealthiest men.

He believed that everyone should have access to an education and developed the Carnegie Institute. Carnegie eventually spent most of his wealth with the establishment of 2500 libraries around the world and donating over 7600 organs to churches.
One of the things that intrigued Carnegie was what differentiated people who were successful and those who weren’t. He established a research study that considered how successful people became that way. The results that this study returned established that 7.5% of success could be attributed to knowledge. 7.5% of success was attributed to skill which is how the knowledge is applied and 85% is attitude.
This study revealed what is apparent in everyday life today. If we use sports-people as an example we could take Michael Jordan or Roger Federer as athletes who are both very skilled and knowledgeable but it is their determination to win that lifts them to the heights that allow them to succeed in their chosen sports.
It also applies to everyday business situations where 2 people are quite capable of doing the same job but one is more ambitious and is prepared to do what it takes to succeed. I am sure that you have all seen this in your workplace. Some people seem to have all the ability but fail to apply themselves and someone else may not be as talented to start with but with perseverance and hard work manages improve their position.
The point of this story is to show that anyone who has a desire to change can. Our major limiting factor is ourselves. When Michael Jordan was at high school he didn’t make the squad. So, he went away and practised and proved to the coach that he had the right attitude. He also grew 6 inches which certainly helped but he had the desire and the dedication to improve.
So if what you are doing does not give you the results that you require then why are you doing it? By changing how you do things and pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone you will be able to achieve the results and changes that you desire.
This is so important in being a good manager of time. To see realistic results, you must be able to apply yourself consistently. You must want to change your existing habits and develop a routine that you stick to. Unfortunately, all the time management tools that are available are useless if they are not used consistently and on an ongoing basis.
To become a master of time management you must first become a master of change.